Victor Starts Solids

You know those babies who gobble up food as soon as it is stuffed into their tiny mouths? Yeah…Victor is not one of those babies.


I do believe we have a gagger on our hands. He couldn’t handle the oatmeal, even watered down enough so it was drippy. And a couple days ago I generously let him suck on my pear, but he gagged and ended up throwing up. This is new for me! Calvin had never gagged on anything. I was able to make him regular oatmeal instead of the powdered stuff. I could feed it to him out of the fridge after it had jellified, and no complaints.

But this time around…


How long does it take for them to get used to this? Hopefully not too long! At least I get rewarded with smiles when I stop moving the spoon toward his face.


3 thoughts on “Victor Starts Solids

  1. Chavon

    Leo is the exact same way–Clark not at all. I haven’t figured it out. All I can say is that the gag reflex seems to have lessoned. He’ll actually swallow the food but I have to trick him (smile) into eating it. Sometimes I just put a little on the tip of his tongue and let him bring it back. Overall though, he hasn’t really moved onto solids yet. I need some tips too.


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