Victor: 3 Months

Victor has been with us for three months now! A entire quarter of a year! He gets cuter and more lovable everyday.

So far he seems a little slower at learning things than Calvin was. He is not as strong and stable as Calvin was, and it took him a few weeks longer to smile, but now he smiles lots! Especially in the mornings. He’s a little morning baby, waking up with smiles and conversations. He has pretty good head support so he has been enjoying some time in the Bumbo the past few days which is good because I have been noticing his head has been getting a tiny bit flat on the back. He’s also starting to find his hands and is almost grasping at things.

I am blessed with good sleepers. Victor goes to bed around 8. If he wakes up before 2, I pop a soother in his mouth and he falls back asleep. If he wakes up after 2, I nurse him. He normally wakes up once more between that first night feed and 7am, but always goes right back to sleep when he is done drinking. Calvin also goes to bed at 8 and then wakes up around 7:30.

I am working on getting Victor on a nap schedule. For the first few months I just let him sleep whenever, and only put him in his bed to sleep when his naps lined up with Calvin’s. Calvin’s nap has now transitioned to the afternoon instead of mid to late morning, so I have been putting Victor down for a nap in the morning, and then down for one later at the same time as Calvin. It’s working pretty well so far, and I am enjoying those quiet times for myself to do things like write a blog post, or tidy the house, or take a nap myself.

I have loved watching him grow and am excited for the months and years to come!



And now for the debut of photos from my new camera!

DSC_0111 DSC_0107 DSC_0132

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