Victor: 1 Month

Yep. I can’t believe it either! Victor is already a month old! It doesn’t seem like he’s been around that long. But when I think of all the visitors we’ve had in that short time, I can believe it more.

He is doing great, and treating me well. I am blessed with another content baby. I don’t remember Calvin’s sleeping patterns at this age, but Victor is doing well at night. The past week he normally has had a 4 hour stretch then a 2 or 3 hour stretch of sleep. But the past couple nights he has actually had a 5 and 6 hour stretch at the beginning of the night which is awesome! I actually woke up before he did. I adapt to new sleep patterns far too easily!

It’s fun to watch as he learns things. I think his vision is getting pretty good. He follows me and looks intently at my face. So great! I also have a very large black and white painting in our living room that he loves to look at. But he is still a tiny bit cross-eyed. Not sure when that is supposed to be gone.

On Calvin’s one month day, which happened to be Mother’s Day, he smiled for the first time! So I am keeping an eye out for Victor’s first smile. It’s gotta be coming soon.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the past month:

IMG_3637 IMG_3672 IMG_3659 15 (1) 4 (1) 6 (2) 9 (10) photo (4)


And a video, because it’s fun to watch them wriggle and squirm and hear their little tiny noises:

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