Throwback Thursday: It’s My Birthday

Today is my birthday! No, I’m not going to write an ode to myself and say how wonderful I have been these past 26 years. Instead I am going to share photos of past birthdays. It’s fun to look back and see some faces remain throughout all my years, and others come and go through different parts of my life.

I hope you enjoy this little look into my past!

My first birthday, complete with a giant butterfly cake, celebrated with my brothers and cousins. Aren’t my brothers cute in their plaid and suspenders?

birthday (1)

Did every child have a McDonald’s birthday party? I have no recollection that this actually happened, so I guess I have to believe the photo.

birthday (2)

Tea Party birthday party.
Fun Fact: I also had a tea party for my stagette.

Tea Party birthday party.  Fun Fact: I also had a tea party for my stagette.

One year the weather was exceptionally nice for early March, so the sidewalk chalk was broken out. Also, remember when we all wore our Sunday Best to birthday parties? Isn’t our Sunday Best the best?

birthday (4)

I have two cousins, Ben and Matt, who have birthdays in late February, early March, so we would often celebrate the three of us together. Also, happy belated birthday, you two!

birthday (5)

My thirteenth birthday was celebrated at the Rainforest Cafe. Awesome place, but it was soooo embarrassing when the staff made me stand on the chair when they sang “Happy Birthday”.

birthday (6)

A couple of my high school birthdays were celebrated simply with my two best friends, Carleigh and Megan.
Check out those bangs, people!

birthday (7)

A surprise 16th birthday! It was thrown a month in advance to ensure that it would in fact be a surprise. It’s hard to be sneaky around me!

birthday (8)

Another cousin celebration. We are growing up!

birthday (9)

This was taken the night before my 18th birthday. It was memorable because the next day I flew to China. Shortest birthday ever!

birthday (10)

A couple years ago, my mom and sister (not pictured) and Carleigh made the the trek from Langley to Victoria on this particularly blustery birthday.

birthday (11)

And a year ago, on my 25th birthday, I looked something like this. I was finishing the last few days of work, packing a house, moving, and awaiting somebody else’s day of birth.

birthday (12)

It’s been a good 26 years, friends!

P.S. All the scrapbooking is the handiwork of my mom.

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  1. Monika Thiessen

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I love how you remain real and don’t worry about adding pictures that may not be the most flattering pictures.:) So many memories… looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you! I love you!!!


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