So this afternoon I went out to get a handful of items crossed off my Christmas lists. Naturally I went to the thrift store first. No, I didn’t find any gifts there, but I did find some clothes for Calvin!

GAP jeans
H&M trousers
warm socks for myself

Grand Total : $1.50

Tim and I have a fairly strict budget. We allow ourselves $50 a month for things for myself, Calvin and Tim, as well as anything for our home. If I can find clothes for us adults like I can for Calvin, maybe we will need more than 2 feet of our closet rod!

The thrift store I went to was MCC. Much cheaper than Value Village, and the “proceeds are used locally and globally to meet basic human needs and work for peace and justice through Mennonite Central Committee”. Although Victoria is not lacking in second hand stores, it does not have an MCC. The one here in Edmonton is quite small, but it has good stuff. I stopped myself from buying $1 pieces of Tupperware. Maybe next time.


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  1. Arlene

    Hey, I just went thrift shopping with Opa and Nana this week here in Nanaimo! It’s become a tradition for them to make the rounds while they’re visiting us. I got some good yarn for a car blanket.


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