This Advent Season

Are you familiar with the season of advent? It is the period of time before Christmas where Christians observe the expectant waiting for the coming of Jesus Christ. A few of the common themes talked about throughout advent are peace, hope, joy and love. God’s people were full of hope while they waited for their saviour. They were filled with peace and joy. God’s love come down was what they were waiting for – what they had been expecting – for generations and generations.

For us, it is hard to imagine what that must have been like. How did it feel to be waiting, to know the greatness of what was coming but not to be able to experience it yet? The good news is that we don’t have to wait! Our Saviour has come and He is here! He is here to give us these gifts of peace, hope, joy and love.

This advent season our extended families have been given huge opportunities to experience this in a very tangible way. My sister-in-law on Tim’s side had recently been diagnosed with cancer in her breast and earlier this week she had a mastectomy. (You can read Amy’s story here.) And this past weekend my own sister experienced some severe diabetic ketoacidosis. She was on life support for 3 days.

It’s amazing to see how Amy has been able to put her trust in God. She was filled with peace and has hope for the future, even though there are all the question marks that cancer brings. Because of Jesus we know that regardless of what may happen down the road, it will end with a win. 

In a similar way, those of us surrounding my sister have been able to put our trust in our Lord, knowing that He is working in her, continuing to write her story. We waited with hopeful anticipation for God to answer our prayers to make her body well enough to breath on its own. I am so thankful for the love shown to her through all of God’s people who are surrounding her; love that we can show because it is what we are shown through Christ.

I’m going to quote my sister-in-law here:
No matter what we believe (or don’t believe), God is absolutely everywhere all the time, and is present in each and every one of our lives. Some of us realize God’s hand in everything, and some of us don’t. I don’t think I truly appreciated how present God is in my life until this week. Until I felt His tangible presence and peace.

This peace is available to all. My hope is that you want it. That you crave it and accept it. 

God has come. Our Saviour is here. Wait no more. 

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