The Mall

You know the one I am talking about. The one with the water park, roller coasters, movie theater, ice rink, and aquarium. If you ever come to visit on a weekend, I am not taking you there. Feel free to go on your own, but going there this weekend just made me hate shopping even more than I already did. However, I think it will prove to be a great place to go on wintery (week) days when I need to get out of the house. Walking around that entire place would take a considerable amount of time! And the crowds are non-existent at opening.

One thought on “The Mall

  1. Sarah

    To be honest, when I went to The Mall, I never spent a second in a shop. Went straight to the water park, spent the whole day there, and by the time it was closed, so were the shops (barring a couple of food places). I looked a bit at the masses of closed doors, but aside from that…. :)


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