Thanksgiving Dinner

One year ago, on Thanksgiving weekend, is when we moved to Edmonton. That weekend we were invited to two different dinners! This year, I got to make my own, and I was so excited to do it!

We had Jordan and Amy over, as well as our tenant. A nice, small gathering. The perfect size for our kitchen. 

I had no idea what to expect regarding how much work was going to be needed to make this meal, but I was ready to do it! I was surprised to find it was less work than everybody says it is. Probably because I use stuffing from a box. 

I seasoned the turkey and put it in the oven around 12:30. Jordan and Amy then came over and we had a small lunch, then we peeled potatoes for mashing, yams for a casserole, and apples for dessert. Everything was prepped and ready to be turned on at the correct time an hour or two later, so then we got to sit down and play a game.ImageHaving things prepped is probably my biggest tip for making a big dinner like this. That and cleaning/rinsing dishes as you go and keeping the counters clear in between working times. 



Here’s my “first time roasting a turkey” story:
This bird barely squeezed into our largest roasting pan, so I knew the lid wouldn’t fit. After letting it brown without the lid, I then poured water over it and covered with tin foil. I guess I didn’t count on the meal losing even more liquid into the pan because at one point it started to over flow and spilled all over the bottom of the oven and the smoke started! There was actually quite a bit of smoke. So we took the turkey out, I grabbed an old towel and mopped up the juice that wasn’t burned on, then put the turkey back in with a pan on the rack underneath. Disaster averted, and we had really delicious, moist meat. Yum!


(I blame the new iOS7 camera for the uncentered photo.)

Calvin only kind of enjoyed the meal. He has one bite of stuffing, then some cranberry jelly and then more cranberry jelly. Then some more jelly. He didn’t want anything else after having that! He normally doesn’t like meat anyway. But he sure does love his fruit!

I am so glad we got to spend the day with at least a little bit of family. I will take what I can get! Meanwhile, my extended family back in BC was doing this. Missed you all!

Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your own birds and family!



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