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Pregnancy #2: 23 Weeks

I am 23 weeks. A reasonable chunk past halfway. Nearing my third trimester. It’s going by so fast! Which also means that summer is going to go by fast and we will soon be back to winter. But at least I get to stay inside and get cozy with a newborn this winter!

I had my first appointment with my OBGYN this morning. According to my ultrasound, I am due October 23, but she is still going to go by the original date of 21. She went through the enormous list of questions for me, and after I said “6 hours” in reply to how long I was in labour for last time, she replied “okay, so at your 36 week check up when I give you the speech about when you should go in to the hospital, ignore the part when I say ‘wait an hour after you are having regular contractions’ because second deliveries are always faster.” Sooo, yay! According to a professional, I will most likely have a fairly quick labour!

She also informed me that my placenta is in the front of my uterus which doesn’t mean anything except explains the fact why I thought I couldn’t feel this baby move as early as I felt Calvin move.

What else has changed since I last updated? Hmmm…

I started using my second pillow as my support pillow again. And I have relearned that when I turn over in bed, I can’t keep both my legs curled up. I have to straighten one of them, or else there is too much pressure somewhere. I’m not sure exactly where because I am always half asleep, but I know how to avoid it! I also always wake up in the morning with sore hips and tailbone that feel loose and clicky.

At my last appointment with my family doctor, she said my blood tests came back showing pretty low hemoglobin, so she put me on prescription vitamins. It explains why I have had blood pressure on the low side, so hopefully these will help!

And that’s all for this update!


Calvin’s Birth Story

Who doesn’t love a good birth story? I know I love hearing and reading about them!

Expecting my second child, I find myself thinking about Calvin’s delivery fairly often. Will it be similar? Will it be completely different? I never wrote anything down, so this is all from a 14 month old memory. And if you are looking for mushy gushy statements of how I felt so emotionally and spiritually connected to my birthing experience and how it was so beautiful, you won’t find those here. That’s not the way I roll.


My due date based on my 18 week ultrasound was April 3, 2012. Up until that point (and beyond), I had zero signs of going into labour. No Braxton Hicks, no leakage, no nothing. I felt completely normal, except for the fact that it took me far too long to get up off the couch, and rolling over in bed was a chore and a half.

Here I am in my 40 week glory.

Here I am in my 40 week glory.

As April 3 came and went, my doctor sent me for a non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure the baby was still doing fine in there. Everything was just dandy, and a week later they sent me for another. I think it was a Wednesday. This time they found that my fluids were getting fairly low, so they told me they would put me on the waiting list to be induced over the weekend. Throughout the pregnancy, I was fairly certain I did not want to be induced, but after a week past my due date, I changed my mind.

Friday morning, around 11:30, I got a call from the hospital telling me to come in. They had a bed available for me in an hour and a half! At the time, Tim was doing contract research projects, working from home, so he didn’t need to rush home from work to bring me in or anything like that. In the next hour I made sure I had what I needed in our bags, did a few dishes so I wouldn’t have to come home to a dirty kitchen, threw some leftovers in a bag for lunch, grabbed my pillow off my bed (seriously, bring your own pillow), and called my mom to tell her she better jump on a ferry. We had a nice 20 minute drive to the hospital, and got settled into my room.

By 1:30, I was hooked up to the oxytocin, and sometime soon after, or maybe a couple hours after, I don’t remember, they broke my water. I wasn’t allowed to leave the bed, so Tim and I played card games and Ticket to Ride on the iPhone. I also remembered that I never ate my lunch, so I asked my nurse if I could. She originally said no, but finally gave in. This was her demeanor the whole time she attended me. At some point my mom showed up, popped her head in the room to let me know she arrived and see how I was doing, then she left to get settled at the hotel.

Sometime between 4:00 and 4:30, my contractions started. I don’t know how far apart they were, since I was hooked up to a machine that kept track of that sort of thing, but they were probably about 5 minutes apart or something like that. I don’t think I knew at the time, but now have heard, that inductions make contractions come on stronger and closer together. So I suppose I was experiencing normal labour at this point, for being induced.

My back started feeling sore, and my nurse reluctantly let me flip onto my side. I also managed to get her to let me get up and walk around the halls a couple times. She was probably in her 50s and probably used to the idea that women should labour on their backs the whole time. So this happened for a few hours until 7:00, which means shift change time!

My new nurse was awesome. She was my age or a couple years older and right away brought in an exercise ball for me, and asked me frequently if I wanted to walk around. The contractions were feeling a bit stronger and closer. I was just sitting on the ball, and there wasn’t much I found that Tim could do for me, so I let him watch the Canucks playoff game (they lost), as long as he kept me in the loop of what the score was. I think he also massaged my back a couple times, but it didn’t do much for me. And my inlaws got into town from upisland, so they came by to say “hi” as well.

Around 8:00 or 9:00 (I really have no clue), I went to stand in the shower. I did not find that nice for me at all. It was at this point that I spoke the only words I remember speaking (more like whimpered) while in labour, “I don’t want to do this anymore”, talking about labour in general, not just the shower. I think I was only in there for a few minutes before returning to my ball beside the bed. When I got back, I also asked for the gas.

Tim asked the nurse if she thought I had gone through transition yet, and she replied that she didn’t think so and that we would probably be there past midnight. Then we got in a good routine. I was still on the ball with my elbows on the bed. During a contraction, I would take the gas mask and breathe in it. Afterward, Tim would hand me a cool wet cloth that I kept on my face until the next contraction started. I thought it was a good system that worked quite well.

I guess my breathing changed or something, because the nurse asked me if I felt like I needed to push. I realized that yes, in fact, I did feel like I needed to push. So she got the bed ready for me, and helped me onto it. I think she must have read my mind, because she prepped it for a squatting delivery. I don’t think I told her I wanted to try it, but because she was such a great nurse, she just knew! I’m positive that if the other nurse had stayed with me, I would have been stuck on my back the whole time.

Looking back, I think the shower was not so much fun because I probably had my biggest contractions in there, so I had actually gone through transition when the nurse didn’t think I had yet.

I pushed for about 20 minutes, then got to meet Calvin at 10:15! All I remember from those first couple moments is seeing his squinty, newborn eyes, then watching as they weighed him. I also remember them all putting in the weight guesses, then counting “10, 10, 2!” (I don’t think they count the “2” if you have a girl, in case you were wondering what that was about.)

Then I got to feed him. He took to it right away, and I remember it taking forever! It was probably like, an hour, and I was anxious for our family to get to see him. I knew they were all outside and I felt bad making them have to wait. Of course my mom came in at some point to take a peek, so that was nice. And everybody else waited patiently.

Half a day old. He got the cutest hat from the hospital.

Half a day old. He got the cutest hat from the hospital.

Next came the most welcome shower ever! I wish I could have stayed in there all night. Then we got settled in my new room where I would stay until Sunday morning, getting to know my little boy and letting others snuggle him.


And that’s how it went for me.

I don’t know if I want to be induced again. There were good parts, like getting to drive to the hospital without having contractions at the same time. But there were also negative parts, like being stuck to an IV throughout the entire labour. That made going for walks and the shower a little bit more difficult than it would have been otherwise. We will see if I go that far overdue again.

I’m a little bit afraid of actually going into labour. I have no clue what it’s like. I didn’t experience my water breaking or having to time contractions and figure out the best time to go in to the hospital. Just because I have delivered one child does not mean that I know exactly what the whole process is like. It could be a whole new experience for me.

I have also been told that for my first delivery, and for being induced, I had quite a short labour at only about 6 hours. Often times the second child comes quicker than the first. If that is that case for me, and if I also don’t have the oxytocin slowing me down, could my labour go super quickly? I wouldn’t mind! But it could also be longer. I may feel the need to ask for stronger drugs (I hope I don’t). Maybe I will require a C-section.

I have only about 4 more months to wonder!

Update: I have written about my second birth here!

Pregnancy #2: 20 Weeks

Yep, this pregnancy is half over. It’s going too fast! I feel like my sister in law just passed the 20 week mark, and she is due almost 3 months before me! And the only reason I knew I was 20 weeks is because my cousin who is due the day before me me mentioned something about being 20 weeks.

I’m kind of symptom-less right now. Besides crying at commercials that don’t deserve it. My nasal congestion doesn’t seem to bother me these days. Oh, but I have started to use antacids occasionally. I never got really bad heartburn during my first pregnancy, just a weird feeling in my throat. I wouldn’t label it as heart burn, just really mild acid reflux or something. That’s what I’m experiencing a couple times a week right now. Not sure when it started last time. And as a public service announcement, the Pharmasave brand berry flavoured antacids taste way better than Tums. Just so you know.

I’ve felt the baby move a little bit. Nothing really strong or regular, but maybe once or twice a day I feel a little something. I’m excited to start feeling it more, and being able to see it move!

Here is my half-baked belly, compared with my 20 week belly from last time, on the right. I don’t see much difference, but it’s hard to tell when you are wearing a different shirt.


And then a photo of the baby. I feel like Calvin’s were a bit more crisp and clear, but a photo is a photo, no matter how blurry!


Pregnancy #2: 16 Weeks

Guys, I’m still forgetting how far along I am all the time, so these little updates are mostly to make me check to see how many weeks I am. But I am forgetting less and less that I am actually pregnant. Probably due to this:


I am finally getting my belly! I have been waiting for months for this. I love my baby belly. Probably because its the only time I ever have a firm stomach.

This pregnancy continues to look much like the first. No sickness, although strong yucky smells gross me out more than usual. I still have the nasal congestion which I am very used to by now. What’s it like to have a clear airway?

In my first trimester, I had to use the toilet in the night almost every night. That necessity has stopped now in my second trimester which is a nice little surprise. I even had a whole night with zero waking up last week! That hasn’t happened since I was pregnant last time! Last time the nighttime trips to the ladies rooms didn’t start occurring until well into my second trimester.

If you have been pregnant, you probably know that crazy dreams are one of the stranger symptoms. Normally I don’t ever dream (or remember them, however that works), but when I am pregnant I remember more. They aren’t ridiculous dreams, just what other people normally dream about probably. Like about my garden sprouting in one day. It’s kind of fun waking up with these vague memories though. I wish I dreamt more often.

And that’s how it’s going these days. I should try on my dress for my sister’s wedding to make sure I actually still fit it. It shouldn’t be a problem though, thanks to empire waist lines!

Pregnancy #2: 13 Weeks

How are you feeling?

The most common question a woman hears when she tells the world she is pregnant. I can happily say that I am feeling great! While I was pregnant with Calvin, and also feeling wonderful the entire time, I kept reminding myself, “every pregnancy can be different, so keep your expectations low for next time!” But I am experiencing the exact same things this time as last. My nose is a tiny bit more sensitive (last time it was the compost that did me in, this time it is raw meat), I have mild nasal congestion that leaves me with dry lips every morning (this showed up before I knew I was pregnant last time and I thought I was getting allergies; I had no clue it could be a pregnancy symptom until one of those daily What To Expect App daily updates a few weeks later), and I get choked up far too easily while watching TV (examples: scenic shots of the Alps in Amazing Race and when couples purchase a home in House Hunters).

I feel really blessed that pregnancies go so well for me because I know that is definitely not the case for everybody.

One symptom that I wish I had more of is cravings. It feels like a myth to me. Something women come up with just so that they can eat crazy things all the time. I have never felt the need to go out and get a burger Right Now! or eat midnight snacks. Is this really a real thing? I wish I was a better liar so I too could get away with it . Although I think my desire to eat yummy, bad foods is outweighed by my desire to save money by not making spontaneous purchases.

Something that has been different so far in this pregnancy is that I am not as tired as I was last time. I attribute that to not working at 7AM every morning and having to walk 20 minutes (or closer to 30 by the end of the 9 months) uphill after 8 hours at work. I remember a few days of going to bed for the night around 6 or 7.

One other difference is that I never remember how far along I am! How many other women can attest to the fact that you really don’t pay attention to those little details like how big the baby is every week and what new function they are learning in there? I still have the apps, but I don’t check them. I actually just had to open one now to enter my due date to see how many weeks I was supposed to name this post.