Sleep Milestone

Right now I am lying in bed, excited about the fact that I just had a third night in a row of not having to get up to put Calvin back to sleep! He has only ever gone two nights in a row and only 4 or 5 times in his whole short life. I haven’t been concerned or wondered how to fix it, but I think I stumbled upon the answer anyhow.

On Sunday evening when I put him to bed, I could tell he was a little restless for a few minutes after I closed the door. So a couple hours later, when I was ready for bed and when I knew he would be fast asleep, I went back into him room just to make sure he was still under his blankets. He wasn’t, and he was also bunched into a corner, so I readjusted him in the center of his crib and covered him with his blankets. He slept soundly the whole night long!

I repeated this action on Monday night and had another success. So at this point, either we just had another random two nights in a row, or I was on to something. Last night I did it again. He had been asleep when I put him in the crib, but when I went back to check, he was in the corner again, uncovered. I had no clue he moved around so much in the first moments of bed time! He rarely makes any noise when I put him to bed.

So what I am realizing is that he would either wake up cold from being uncovered, or if he had manoeuvred himself to the corner then later on moved again, he would bonk the side and wake up.

So it looks like we have a slightly new bed time routine! Now if only my body wasn’t used to waking up in the night, we would be golden.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Milestone

  1. Monika Thiessen

    Yeah Calvin! I knew you were too happy of a boy to wake up for no reason. Hope this little trick fixes the waking up problem for good!


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