SH – A Visit with Aunty Michelle

While Tim is up in Fort McMurray on his business trip, I am completing a photo scavenger hunt he created for me to work through so I stay busy and he can get new photos of our boy.
(see the whole list here

Calvin getting a shoulder ride from Auntie Michelle.

Last Thursday Tim’s sister, Michelle, flew in for a visit over the long weekend. It was looking like Tim might have been gone for the whole time, but he was able to finish the work up North and fly back down to join us on Saturday. I don’t have many pictures from her visit, but I did get the one I needed to check one off the list!

We had a good visit, with the exception of the two of us girls getting the flu and being rendered useless all day Monday. But I think I am pretty much back to normal, and hopefully she is too!

I also have to share my experience with picking her up when she arrived.
The day before she flew in, Edmonton got a pretty major snow storm and no clean up had happened between then and Thursday late evening when her plane was scheduled to arrive. The parent’s of friends of hers offered to pick her up and have her stay with them the first night since they lived fairly close to the airport and that meant I didn’t have to drive there in the middle of the night with Calvin. What a great idea!
So the next morning I got the address and directions from Michelle. The address was pretty remote, but Google pulled it up when I typed it in. However it didn’t match the directions Michelle gave me, so I kinda winged it. Google’s directions ended up to be completely incorrect, and Michelle’s directions looked to me like it was not quite right compared to what Google showed me, so I was completely lost. I stopped at a coffee shop and some guy looked up the address for me again, and found it! So I drove there (on a completely remote township road with tons of snow…don’t worry, it wasn’t slippery, and I stayed in control of my car the whole time), but I ended up at the end of the road at the banks of a lake before I got the house that matched the address.
I called Michelle and she looked it up and directed me from there. However, the road numbers she saw were differently named at the place I was, so I went out of my way yet again and made another call when it looked like I would be going way farther than I thought I should be. Here is a map that maybe makes it all clearer.

1: Where Google told me it was (makes sense – close to the airport)
2: Where the coffee shop guy showed me it was
3: Where it really was (not quite as close to the airport as I was expecting – maybe “close” means something different in more remote places)
The highlighted portion is where I drove. Not shown is another exit further north I took then got back on the highway.

So what should have taken me half an hour took about an hour and a half, but we made it there safe and sound!

Thanks for coming, Michelle!

5 thoughts on “SH – A Visit with Aunty Michelle

    1. Monika Thiessen

      You’ll be a pro in no time! Glad you stayed safe and hopefully you stayed calm. Calvin probably slept through the whole ordeal.

  1. Arlene Sevenhuysen

    Sounds like an adventure! Good thing it wasn’t in the dark.
    PS We loved opening the mail the other day. First artwork on the fridge!


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