Quick Project

Today our church hosted a community garage sale. We all went out this morning to hit it first thing. We spent less than $20 and came home with some comic books, kids books, a movie, cute tins, and these awesome wooden boxes.


I originally wanted to use the boxes for storing a few small toys and books in the boys’ room, but the wood was too rough. In fact, I got a sliver while I was working with them! My second idea was to use one to store my magazines, then figured I could put the second one in the same spot to hold other stuff!

This is the place I am talking about:


And here it is, after prying the ends of the boxes:


All sides of the boxes were closed, and I kept the end pieces, just in case I change their use and want to open the top or side.

While I was prying the pieces off, Calvin got jealous of my tools, so I pulled out his wooden hammer. It isn’t an any time toy. He doesn’t quite understand what can and cannot be hammered.


And as for the other purchases, some became drums!


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