Pregnancy #2: 40 Weeks

This is it! Today is my due date!

I’m not surprised I made it this far, and I kind of expect that I will make it past 41 weeks. I hope I don’t, but so far there isn’t much saying this baby is coming soon.

My days lately have gotten into a nice pattern. We wake up, have breakfast, then play until nap time. Calvin has been spoiling me with 3 hour naps, which is plenty of time for me to get something done then have a good nap myself! I have been trying to do something different every day, like clean the bathroom, vacuum, tidy the kitchen or do laundry, so the house is fairly ready at any moment. When our naps are done, we have lunch then tackle any errands that need to happen or play in the backyard. Then it’s supper time followed by bed time. Lazy, but good days. I am looking forward to a whole winter full of them!

Playing the waiting game this time around isn’t quite as boring as last time, since Calvin is around, but the anticipation is just as big as exciting!

Hopefully this will be the last post you see with a photo of me with a big belly. Cute newborn photos from here on out!

And don’t forget…there is still time to place your guesses in our baby pool!

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: 40 Weeks

  1. Chavon

    You look absolutely radiant! Can’t wait for cute newborn photos. Also I love the sound of those winter days. They are just like ours and I love them too:-)


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