Pregnancy #2: 26 Weeks

26 weeks now. That means I am just about in the third trimester! That is quite exciting to think about. 3 more months of being pregnant. 3 more months of being a mom to just one. 3 more months to wonder how having a second will affect me and the way we do things.

I am feeling quite well these days. My prescription vitamins are doing their job and getting me good amounts of iron I’m guessing because I am feeling more energetic again. It’s getting a little tougher to pick up Calvin’s toys off the floor. I really only feel pregnant when I go to bend over. Or when I am doing stuff at the kitchen counter. My stain remover has seen lots of use lately!

I think I am starting to feel the need to nest! Today I felt like tidying up the living room during Calvin’s nap, even though I knew it would be a mess again within an hour of him waking up. I suppose I could put these energies to better use and start packing some boxes though. We are busy looking for a place to live. We haven’t quite nailed down a place, but still hope to be out of here in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll keep you updated.


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