Pregnancy #2: 23 Weeks

I am 23 weeks. A reasonable chunk past halfway. Nearing my third trimester. It’s going by so fast! Which also means that summer is going to go by fast and we will soon be back to winter. But at least I get to stay inside and get cozy with a newborn this winter!

I had my first appointment with my OBGYN this morning. According to my ultrasound, I am due October 23, but she is still going to go by the original date of 21. She went through the enormous list of questions for me, and after I said “6 hours” in reply to how long I was in labour for last time, she replied “okay, so at your 36 week check up when I give you the speech about when you should go in to the hospital, ignore the part when I say ‘wait an hour after you are having regular contractions’ because second deliveries are always faster.” Sooo, yay! According to a professional, I will most likely have a fairly quick labour!

She also informed me that my placenta is in the front of my uterus which doesn’t mean anything except explains the fact why I thought I couldn’t feel this baby move as early as I felt Calvin move.

What else has changed since I last updated? Hmmm…

I started using my second pillow as my support pillow again. And I have relearned that when I turn over in bed, I can’t keep both my legs curled up. I have to straighten one of them, or else there is too much pressure somewhere. I’m not sure exactly where because I am always half asleep, but I know how to avoid it! I also always wake up in the morning with sore hips and tailbone that feel loose and clicky.

At my last appointment with my family doctor, she said my blood tests came back showing pretty low hemoglobin, so she put me on prescription vitamins. It explains why I have had blood pressure on the low side, so hopefully these will help!

And that’s all for this update!


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: 23 Weeks

  1. Katie

    Is it possible that your labour will be longer this time if you are not induced? Just wondering how that effected things since you didn’t have much in the way of “early” labour.

    1. Larissa Sevenhuysen Post author

      I’ve heard (maybe just once or twice) that inductions can slow down labour, but most of what I’ve read says it doesn’t effect the length of labour, just the intensity of contractions.


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