Our First Family Day

This year, BC added a new winter holiday: Family Day. However we were not in BC to enjoy it. The good news is that it already was a holiday in Alberta! So even though we didn’t get to enjoy the first of a holiday, it was still a first for us.

Our day didn’t look much different than normal though. I washed diapers, Tim played video games. We hung out in the living room playing with Calvin. I made cookies, Tim wrote a story. I changed diapers, Tim didn’t. The only thing different was that we went grocery shopping together! Yay family! And then for an extra different thing, we treated ourselves to some Tim Hortons (yes, it really is a treat; I don’t think we have gone there since we moved here). And lo and behold, Roll Up the Rim is here! It was a nice surprise. And our treat to ourselves expanded because both of our cups were winners! One free coffee, one free donut. Yay!

And that was our family day. No fancy outings. We have limited imaginations when it comes to thinking of stuff to do. That may make our lives seem boring to some people, but I like it. And I like my family.

Here’s to a four day week!

One thought on “Our First Family Day

  1. Monika Thiessen

    You should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket :) Two for two! With all the cups we’ve bought over the years, we are usually asked to “please play again”. We always comment on how polite they are to say “please”.
    Glad you had a fun day just hanging out together.


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