Our Easter

I back dated a couple new posts on a visit with my mom and a trip to the thrift store. Check them out if you like!

Easter was super laid back for us. We had zero family in town. Even Jordan and Amy weren’t here. We had church in the morning, then came home, had lunch, and put the boys down for naps.Easter (1)

After Calvin woke up, there was a little bit of cuddles and playoff hockey.

Easter (4)

Then Tim hid the couple little baskets of candy my mom had left behind for the boys. Calvin did pretty well at hunting them down!

Easter (5) Easter (2)

All he wanted to do after was eat Mini Eggs. I can say the same for myself.

Easter (6)

Then we had little success at a few nice photos.

Easter (3)

And for supper Tim grilled up some farmer sausage.

Easter (7)


Although it was a little sad to not have any gatherings to go to, it was nice to have a quiet weekend to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us and enjoy some family time and the warm outdoors.

2 thoughts on “Our Easter

  1. anneliese

    Calvin is looking more and more like you, The Thiessen representation was very small at the family gathering this year. Maybe next time will be better. I guess we all take our turns. As along as everyone comes back when they can … it’s all good.


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