Today I got a burn that most people get in their childhood.

I was making supper, and the mashed potatoes were done before the meatloaf. I decided to see which of the elements the heat from the oven came out of. What I neglected to do was remember that I just turned off one of the elements from cooking the potatoes. Oops!

I spent the first few hours with my hand cupped around a bag of ice and wrapped in a wet towel. When I ran out of all the ice in the house and my hand was no longer numb, I realized that it hurt more than I thought! So off to the walk in clinic we went. I was a little shocked with everything the nurse had set up when I got into the room!

I got my hand lathered and wrapped and it doesn’t feel too bad right now. It just looks like I am hiding something that the general public wouldn’t want to see. Like the Phantom of the Opera.

Besides the fact that tomorrow I have to do a bunch of laundry and pack for a week away (and clean the house, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that that probably won’t happen now), the worst thing is that I missed out of my first opportunity to have a go at some T3s! Maybe next time I won’t be pregnant.

5 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. tsevenhuysen

    Taking Tylenol 3s was great for when I broke my ankle. Much better than the morphine pills I’d been given before.

  2. Monika Thiessen

    Ouch is right! If you didn’t want to miss out on what other kids experience, you should have done this together with Darren or Rosie. Now just Nathan is left to find out what it feels like. And the codeine in T3’s gives you a buzz the first few times, but you get immune to that.

  3. anneliese

    Ouch, is right! It’s good you went to get it taken care of. Oops, I just noticed your mom said the same thing! It’s an invonvenience right now … I’m sorry.


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