Nursing Two

Some of you have asked me how it is going nursing both Calvin and Victor. Some of you are probably curious, but haven’t asked. And some of you probably had no clue I was still nursing Calvin! So here I am, to tell you all about it.

I didn’t have intentions one way or the other of weaning Calvin before Victor came along or not. I just followed his lead. I was hoping he would continue until the baby came because I wanted to know if still nursing one child would keep the new one from tearing me apart. I was completely OK with using my children for an experiment of sorts.

So October came and Calvin was still nursing two times a day. When he woke up and before going to bed for the night. He is always fine skipping a feeding if he gets up with somebody else in the morning (like visiting family) or if he is put to bed by a babysitter. No complaints!

So along comes Victor. Calvin actually only had to skip one feed while I was in the hospital because I nursed him Wednesday evening before going in, he got up with my mom Thursday morning then we were home that afternoon! I was told that some nursing toddlers self wean when a new baby comes along because they don’t like the taste of the colostrum. Calvin didn’t bat an eye. And after a few days, I think he enjoyed the abundance of milk!

My little “experiment” turned in positive results! I didn’t have to use any lanolin, and never had to shield myself from the shower spray. There was just a little initial latching pain, but even that was minimal. So that was wonderful.

And now Calvin still has his two-a-day. Unless he sleeps in a tiny bit and we go straight to having breakfast instead of hang-out-in-bed time. There are times throughout the day when he will ask for it, mostly when I am nursing Victor, but I never let him. I am not going to let him go to having more! And I am not going to let him steal Victor’s share! I try as often as possible to nurse him right after nursing Victor so he just gets leftovers and doesn’t mess too much with my supply.

I used to be in the “if they can ask for it, they are too old” camp, but it is recommended for up to 2 years old, so whatever. Calvin just feels massive to me now, when I have him across my lap!

And yes, there have been times when I nursed both at the same time. In case you were wondering.

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