Not So Cold After All

This morning I had an appointment to go to, and before leaving I checked the weather. I knew it was quite cold from looking last night to see what Tim had to deal with while walking to the train station. Here is what the Weather Network said around 10 AM today:

Please notice the “feels like” temperature.

Looking out the window, it is very deceiving because the sunshine makes it look so nice! I had texted Tim to see how his walk went, and he said he only got a bit cold when he was stopped and cross walks. And when I went out to scrape the car before leaving, I was pleasantly surprised that what is supposed to feel like -14 actually feels more like a +2.

I was told that cold here feels way different than cold back on the coast, and now I can say it is totally true! Also, if it is any kind of negative temperature on the coast, you can bet your socks that there is a bunch of ice lying around just waiting to slip you up. Not here!

Bring it on, winter!

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