Leaving the Island

Right now we are on the ferry headed away from our Island home for the last time. Yesterday was spent packing up the UHaul trailer, and this morning was spent cleaning our place. The trailer ended up being a tad too small for our earthly posessions, so some had to stay behind. We are thinking of different ways to get it out to us. Does anybody have experience with shipping larger loads?

It is sad to leave the island, but I am looking forward to a beautiful drive to our new home. It is also good that we won’t have to deal with the ferries anymore! When I moved here 4.5 years ago, it cost about $9 in the winter and $12 in the summer, and now it is $15 all year round (not to mention the cost of a vehicle)! Glad to have those expenses out of our lives.

I will be back with photos to share when we get into Edmonton and have our Internet hooked up, but until then, happy trails to us!

2 thoughts on “Leaving the Island

  1. Anna

    That stinks about the trailer not fitting everything! At least your toaster fit, judging by Tim’s photo. It’s the important things.

  2. Charlene

    hey Larissa, I hope the move went well and you are slowly getting settled into your new home. It was great to visit with you one last time in Victoria the other weekend!


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