Laundry Room Fix

One of my pet peeves is doors that open the wrong direction. I’ve found that this is a very common occurrence in laundry rooms, on the dryer.

This is our laundry room:

The dryer actually used to be in the space behind the wall to the left of were it is now, so it was sitting perpendicular to the washer , with a space in between. While it was like that, the door opening to the right made complete sense. But I preferred to have the dryer right next to the washer because they are buddies, and I think it looks better that way, so last weekend we moved it. So then of course, having the door open to the right didn’t make too much sense. It would have been worse if the washer was front loading, but thankfully it’s not.

I was just going to deal with it, when I had the thought that the door must be reversible! And sure enough, I saw these guys on the opposite side of the opening of where the hinges were.

So I got out the drill and went to work. And now it looks like this!

Except what you can’t see is that the door actually doesn’t close. I think the drill was too wide so the screws went in crooked and couldn’t go in all the way. So I am going to wait for Tim to come home and give me a hand because it was hard to hold the door in place and drill at the same time. With an extra pair of hands I’m sure the screws will go in as they should.

But I am glad I no longer have the dryer door in the way while I am transferring the clean things. Next up is the fridge door.

You can see it opens away from the kitchen area, with a peninsula in the way. Having to step outside of the kitchen to get something out of the fridge is not ideal.

What kind of pet peeves around the home do you have?

2 thoughts on “Laundry Room Fix

  1. Elsie

    You are so clever, Larissa! I have never thought of the possibility of reversing the door of my dryer which also opens the wrong way. After reading this I looked at my dryer door and sure enough there are little spots to put the screws in on the other side. Duh!!


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