Help Me Garden

I have never gardened. I have never even owned a house plant until Amy gave me one when we moved here. The white flower is turning brown and the dirt is mouldy (sorry Amy). But I have wanted to garden for a while! That counts for something, right?

In my first place, the little bit of yard I had was north facing and under cedar trees. In the last place there were deer around all the time. But this place…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

It came with a garden!

Now I need all you experienced people to help me out. I’m pretty sure this needs to be cleared, but where do I go from there? And nothing really gets planted ’til the Spring, right? Here are a few more close up photos of what is there.

Lots of weeds and leaves. And extra containers for extra stuff.

If these were alive, Calvin would love them.

Were these perhaps once sweat peas? I love sweat peas!

I don’t know how long we will live here, but it would be nice to have something to work on next year. Learn some new skills and all that.

Give me your know-how! Please!

4 thoughts on “Help Me Garden

  1. Stacey

    If you can borrow a tiller from someone, you can just till all that leftover plant matter into the ground. Then till it again in spring and plant away! I think the best time to plant here is usually the end of May, but it could be different in Edmonton.


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