Half a Year Old

This was us 6 months ago:

Calvin was a little 7lb 2oz newborn. Now he is somewhere well over 20lbs! October 13 marked half a year of him being in our lives, which is pretty crazy! He is a happy boy learning new things all the time. Some of his most recent accomplishments are:

– He can go from sitting to on his tummy in 2 seconds.

Gonna crawl soon?

– He can say “mamamama”. He never stops after just 2 syllables.

– He won a blue ribbon for his toe jam.

– He is getting better at sleeping through more of the night. And sometimes he sleeps in funny positions.

Of course the flash from the first photo woke him up, but this is how I found him sleeping!

– Sitting on Daddy’s shoulders is the one thing he has enjoyed for the longest amount of time. Everything else he enjoys comes and goes too quickly.

– And his biggest accomplishment, but by far the easiest, is being our most favourite little boy ever!

I thought it would be fun to make a half a birthday cake, so I did! Tim thought it was “Really really really really good. Really good.” I used the recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook, but I halved the recipe.

A half a cake is a wonderful idea when there are only 2 of you to enjoy it!

We are looking forward to the next half a year when there is so much more for Calvin to learn. It’s gonna be fun!

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