Goodbye Oaklands

One of the hard parts about leaving Langley 4.5 years ago was leaving my home church. I grew up at NLCC, and that is the only church I ever knew. My roommate in Victoria, Kate, went to Oaklands Chapel, so I tagged along with her. I didn’t really feel like doing the whole church shopping thing. I quickly got involved, helping on a worship team, and it started to feel like home. As the years went on, I was involved in a few other areas and made lots of friends. It’s hard not to there! Eventually Tim came along and Oaklands became “our” church instead of just “mine”.

I feel like I lived a lot of my life there. I went from being a single girl to a married mother. Oaklands has seen me through a lot, and now we are parting ways. It’s kind of exciting going to a new place and meeting new people, but I am going to miss the people of Oaklands and the great fun and learning that went on there.

Last night the ladies held a New Beginnings Shower for the 5 babies born in the past year, so I was a part of that. It was kind of funny, since they were welcoming Calvin, yet saying goodbye to us at the same time. It just goes to show how easy it is to become a part of the family.

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