The other day I ventured out to pick up the high chair I found on Kijiji. Being a part of town I had never been to before, like 95% of this city, I glanced at the general location on Google, then scribbled down the address to input into our hand-me-down GPS. Halfway there, the satellite cut out and I was directionless. Thankfully, since I had glanced at the map prior to leaving, I knew it was just north of the airport. From there I relied on the faithful grid system. It got me there with only one incorrectly guessed turn. The GPS started working again when I returned home, but cut out before I was halfway there, and it was dark by this point. I remembered the street I used to get me over the river on my way there, so I found that back with a lucky guess. From there it was a little easier since we live quite close to a main street.

All this to say, I am thankful for grid systems. They do not have this in Victoria. The streets have names, which can change from one block to the next! It would be hard to get around there without a map with you in the car, but here in Edmonton it is alright. Except for the river, since only a few roads bridge it. But once I learn those, getting around should be no problem at all! Now I just need more places to drive around to.

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