Diapers For Two

Don’t worry. This will probably be my one and only post about cloth diapers.  I am not that kind of a blogger.

Last night Tim put up some shelves in Calvin’s room. More people = more stuff = need for more space to put stuff. This morning I loaded up the shelves, and it looked too cute to not write about it.

photo 1


What you can’t see behind the stacks of diapers are a handful of large screw holes. I had originally bought some bracketless shelves from Target, but it turns out they only work if your walls are perfectly straight. Our are not. So I am going to live with holes until we paint.

For Calvin, I had about 2 dozen diapers and washed them every 2-3 days. I figured I didn’t need to completely double my inventory for a second child because I won’t mind doing laundry a tiny bit more often. So I added a dozen extra gender neutral diapers for a total of 35. The past couple weeks I have actually had Calvin in disposables since I was trying to eradicate an ammonia problem I was having. I tried 4 or 5 different things, and I think I finally got rid of it! Along the way, I also learned how to properly clean things with the hard water we have here and not have that smell build up again.

So now I have fresh smelling diapers again, and I was so happy to be able to get them all set to go. I resized the pale coloured ones to the smallest size for the new baby. That way they are easy to distinguish in the laundry so I can stuff the right sized liner into it. And also, so I can show you this picture and you still have no idea what we are having! Calvin’s room actually looks like a complete nursery for the first time ever, with cute babyish things on a shelf.

photo 2


Since this whole diaper station is in Calvin’s room, I will probably have to stash a small amount of the baby’s diapers somewhere else in the house so I can do changes at night or when Calvin is napping. Haven’t thought that through too thoroughly yet.

Meanwhile, here is what our actual “nursery”, which is actually just a corner of our room, looks like now. Pretty much all ready to go. What do you need besides a place to sleep? And look! I have things packed for the hospital! I am so on the ball.

photo (3)

3 thoughts on “Diapers For Two

  1. anneliese

    The shelf is cute! I was studying it and I think you are having a girl!
    I saw your packed bag, but you know what else I saw? My old bedroom dresser.
    I worked for that one summer many moons ago. =)
    Hard to beleive it’s still around.

  2. Catherine

    Speaking of furniture that used to belong to other people – that change table still has some very fond memories attached to it from the time when it was in my bedroom as a small child. After ot was a change table, I stored my stuffies in the big compartment. :)


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