Calvin Quickie: iPad

Over the past month Calvin has gotten addicted to screens. It was getting so bad that I couldn’t even take out my phone to snap a photo of him without him flipping out and grabbing for it. I have been putting my phone away/keeping it out of sight and reach for the most part during the day, but we did cave and delete the important stuff off the iPad and let Calvin have full reign on that. Don’t worry. I do make sure we have lots of no screen time during the day too.


We just got the new Bible App for Kids app, and he loves it! What else would you recommend for toddlers?

4 thoughts on “Calvin Quickie: iPad

  1. Jenny

    Isaac loves doing puzzles and colouring pages on the iPad. There are fun interactive pop-up stories and games focused on learning the alphabet too. Those are the apps I feel least guilt about. Lol. Better than Fruit Ninja…

  2. Tim Sevenhuysen

    In my opinion, the “dangers” of too much screen time are a) they get less exercise, and b) potential harm to their eyes. If what they’re doing is just watching TV shows or something maybe there’s a risk of them not developing creative thinking skills, etc., too.

    I’ve searched around and found no real evidence of harm to their eyes. As for exercise, that means it’s our job to get him up and running around more.

    For creative thinking and learning, I think the iPad is pretty good, actually, so that doesn’t really worry me. What worries me a lot more is putting him in front of the TV and letting him zombify with a kids’ show on. We don’t really let him do that.


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