Calvin at 17ish Months

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about Calvin. And I know that’s the main reason you all visit my little blog, right? That and wondering what the O-Word is (man, a lot of you were curious!).

Calvin is up to so much these days. He is picking things up pretty fast and quickly becoming such a little boy. Here are some highlights of what he’s all about latley:


His word count is still pretty small, but here is what he can say
– “no”
It’s his go to answer to any question (I’m guessing he knows the tone of one), and it’s either said with a little “mmm” in front, like he is thinking about what to say, or pretty decisively. Contrary to popular belief, it could be used as an affirmative answer. Lately though, it’s also become a thing to yell over and over when we tell him not to do something, which is also a time when he uses the next word a lot

– “ow!”
If we tell him not to do something and give his hand a little slap, he sometimes then goes around hitting things and saying this loudly, in conjunction with “no”

– “dada”
This sometimes means daddy, but he also says it when pointing to his nose a lot, and other random things as well

– “tickle tickle tickle”
This is my favourite, and he’s been saying it for a couple months now. It means exactly what it is. He says it when he tickles our feet and belly buttons, and also when we ask him where his belly button is, he lifts up his shirt and says it

– animal sounds
“woowoowoo” was a general sound for anything from rodents to birds to large animals but sounded most like a big dog. This weekend it turned into a growl. Birds growl, guys. It’s pretty neat.
“oo oo oo” of course is a monkey, coupled with putting his hands in his arm pits.
When we ask about a fish, he opens and closes his mouth. That’s my favourite. It’s really cute.


I wrote about baby sign language before. At that point he was 11 months old and I really wasn’t putting in much effort to get him to do it, so it kind of fell by the way side. But a couple months ago we decided to start again, and he picked it up so fast! He can sign “please”, “thank you”, “more”, “drink/water”, and “help”. I was the most excited about help because it cut down his wining by a lot. I don’t know what other kinds of words to teach him. Oh, we are working on “sleep/bed”. What else would you teach? I don’t feel like doing ones that aren’t useful, like different animals and stuff. Maybe more specific types of foods?


He of course hasn’t had a doctor’s check up since his 12 month one, and his next one is next month for 18 months. I feel like he hasn’t gained much weight, but he is getting taller. Taller and skinnier I guess. I did pop him on the scale at my last doctor’s appointment, and he was 24.4 lbs. He was around 20 lbs a year ago.


He’s got a total of 12 teeth right now. I thought for sure a month ago he was getting more, but so far those eye teeth spots are still empty and we are waiting on more molars.


I am still unsure of whether or not I want him completely weaned in the next month before the baby comes, but he is getting there, so we will see. Just until this weekend he was on two a day, morning and night. I realized he wasn’t really interested in the morning one anymore though. He would take it if I offered, but would still rather run around the house. So we are down to just one in the evening before bed time. We will see what pans out in the next few weeks.

Being a goof

You just have to see him in person to appreciate it.

Anything else you might be interested in? How about about a video of him saying my favourite words? It was from about a month ago, one of the times we were on the road.

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  1. jdildy

    Ethan uses Dada for lots of things too… I think it’s supposed to be “that – that?” he says it when he points to things he wants us to notice or explain. When he says Dada in reference to Clifton it’s always creepy whisper.
    The animal signs are pretty funny even though they aren’t all that useful. Ethan knows the sign for music which is the first thing he asks for in the morning. The sign for ouch/hurt is pretty useful. You can teach him the sign for baby or brother/sister?


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