BC Holiday: Day 15

On Saturday morning, the morning following the wedding, Tim’s parents hosted a brunch for all the out of town family. Which was pretty much everybody since the only people who live in Nanaimo are Tim’s parents and also currently his younger sisters. So we had a  morning full of aunts, uncles and cousins. Good times!12 collageOnce everybody had headed off to their respective ferries or other cities to visit, we had a blitz cleanup of the aftermath of a wedding and two major meal gatherings, which left us with a few hours of doing nothing. We blew bubbles in the shade, hit the hot tub, and snuck in some last snuggles.
12 collage 2Then it was off to the ferry for us, saying goodbye to the island. That night we crashed at my parents for about 6 hours before heading back east toward home. 12 (16)Normally I am quite ready to be home again after such a long time away, visiting family. But it was different this time. I was not ready to go back. I wanted to stay longer. But, such is the nature of vacations. They don’t last forever.

But they can happen again!

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