BC Holiday: Day 13

Dress rehearsal day! Again, the morning was spent with most people doing highly important things. Preparing for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, and having guests camp out in the yard.10 collage 1 Then we were off to the park in the afternoon for some practice in the hot hot heat.10 collage 2And finally, dinner was served.
10 collage 3

BC Holiday: Day 12

Two days before the wedding. Another busy day. The morning was spent decorating cupcakes that had been made a few days before, as well as preparing some food for the rehearsal dinner. We were kept so busy that the only way I know what my boys were up to is by looking at the photos. Calvin was playing the drums with his auntie, and Tim was…hanging out with the animals?9 collage 1 I have no recollection of what went on in the afternoon, but Tim’s siblings had reserved a nearby campsite (Living Forest in Nanaimo, if you are interested…it was a great camp ground) for that evening and night. I went for dinner, came back to the house to put Victor to bed, went back to have s’mores, then returned once again for the night. 9 collage 2 9 collage 3

BC Holiday: Day 10

This was our Victoria Day! Or rather, the day we spent in Victoria, not to be confused with the holiday in May. We had wanted to spend a little time around town, so first things first, we hit my favourite spot: The Government House. They have beautiful public gardens. If you find yourself in Victoria and like gardens but don’t want to shell out the $$ to go to Butchart Gardens, I highly suggest this place. It is close to downtown, free, and just as beautiful as Butchart. Tim happened to live right next door to it while we were engaged, so it is even a little bit more special!7 collage 1 Next we drove down to Dallas Road and hung out on the beach throwing rocks.7 collage 2 We had just a little bit more time before meeting up with a couple friends, so we did a drive by of downtown, seeing the legislature building and also the house I lived in for 4 years (not pictured).7 (27) We met a couple friends at Beacon Hill Park for a little picnic. By now the sun had come out, and it was pretty warm! Calvin was so zonked by the end of our time there. You can see it on his face in the bottom right photo. So we went back to Michelle’s for nap time.7 collage 3 That evening before we headed up to Nanaimo, there was more plant watering, and lots of Victor snuggles.7 collage 4Around bedtime we packed the boys back into the car and drove the 1.75 hours up island, stopping of course to take in the view along the way.
7 (39)

BC Holiday: Day 9

My dad always wakes up early and has some morning yerba mate. Calvin loves that he can be a part of this! Victor probably will one day too.6 collage 1 The rest of the morning was once again spent outside. Calvin got to go kayaking with Grandpa and Victor had a turn at the tire swing, which he loved!6 collage 2 That afternoon, I picked up Michelle and we headed off to the island. I was originally going to go on Monday morning all on my own, but it worked out that we could go at the same time on Sunday, and how wonderful it was to have an extra pair of hands! When we got to her place that evening, Calvin right away made himself useful and watered the flowers.6 collage 3

BC Holiday: Day 8

Saturday was a relaxing day for the most part. We hung out outside when it wasn’t raining, and took a bunch of photos in an old apple tree that has fallen down but lives on.5 collage 1 Calvin wanted to eat the apple Victor was playing with, but found out that unfortunately, it was still a little sour.5 collage 2 That evening Victor and I attended Amy’s bridal shower/bachelorette! It was a little colder than we expected, and we were rained out of the outdoors for part of it, but it was lots of fun and Victor saw a couple other aunties for the first time since Christmas!5 collage 3

BC Holiday: Day 7

Friday morning I had the chance to hang out with another best friend of mine, Christine! It’s always exciting to hear what’s going on in her life.4 (3)After that, I brought Tim to the ferry so he could go bachelor-partying all weekend long with the boys, and I went with my parents to the family cabin on Hatzic Lake. I love the quiet there, and I knew that Calvin would have a blast with all the space to run around. Both boys got to go on the ride on mower with Grandpa, which is a kind of rite of passage at the cabin. Then Calvin tried out the tire swing!
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