Our Easter

I back dated a couple new posts on a visit with my mom and a trip to the thrift store. Check them out if you like!

Easter was super laid back for us. We had zero family in town. Even Jordan and Amy weren’t here. We had church in the morning, then came home, had lunch, and put the boys down for naps.Easter (1)

After Calvin woke up, there was a little bit of cuddles and playoff hockey.

Easter (4)

Then Tim hid the couple little baskets of candy my mom had left behind for the boys. Calvin did pretty well at hunting them down!

Easter (5) Easter (2)

All he wanted to do after was eat Mini Eggs. I can say the same for myself.

Easter (6)

Then we had little success at a few nice photos.

Easter (3)

And for supper Tim grilled up some farmer sausage.

Easter (7)


Although it was a little sad to not have any gatherings to go to, it was nice to have a quiet weekend to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice for us and enjoy some family time and the warm outdoors.

Victor Starts Solids

You know those babies who gobble up food as soon as it is stuffed into their tiny mouths? Yeah…Victor is not one of those babies.


I do believe we have a gagger on our hands. He couldn’t handle the oatmeal, even watered down enough so it was drippy. And a couple days ago I generously let him suck on my pear, but he gagged and ended up throwing up. This is new for me! Calvin had never gagged on anything. I was able to make him regular oatmeal instead of the powdered stuff. I could feed it to him out of the fridge after it had jellified, and no complaints.

But this time around…


How long does it take for them to get used to this? Hopefully not too long! At least I get rewarded with smiles when I stop moving the spoon toward his face.


Calvin Goes Thrifting

While my mom was here, we did a little shopping. One stop was the thrift store. Since Calvin was confined to the stroller earlier, we let him roam around.

He found a big chair for big people…Thrifting (1)

…a little chair for little people…

Thrifting (3)

…and a big elephant for little people.

Thrifting (2)

In the end, he paid for his bowling set and we went on our way.

Thrifting (4)

Oma Came to Visit

It seems Spring is the time for the family matriarchs to visit!

My mom flew out last weekend to celebrate Calvin’s birthday with us, and it was great to have her here, as always.  As per usual, we didn’t do anything special, but spent good time together. And the boys got spoiled with new books and clothes.

Mom also stuffed a birthday gift for Calvin in her luggage. A Little People car ramp thing! Calvin has lots of fun with it. As much as I don’t really like these kind of big toys, I am realizing that these kinds of toys are good for Calvin as he grows older and can do things beyond stacking blocks in towers and smashing them over.

Oma (2) Oma (1)

Everybody needs a hug, no matter how little they are.

Oma (3)

It was impossible to get a decent photo of mom with both boys. Calvin is two, remember?

Oma (5)

So we settled on individual portraits.

Oma (6) Oma (4)

Thanks for the visit and everything you do for us while you are here!

Calvin Is 2

Today marks the end of Calvin’s second year! 2nd Year Collage

In the past year he has had so much life happen to him.

He learned to walk.

He gained an uncle and a cousin.

He gained another cousin.

He did lots of road trips.

He moved to a new house.

He grew some hair.

He became a brother.

He learned some words.

He remained a happy, silly dude.

We are looking forward to this next year as his personality develops even more and we get to experience life alongside this wonderful little boy. And I hope it isn’t two-terrible!

See what I did there?

Birthday Boy

The Guest Room

This is my new favourite room in the house. It is tiny and not perfect, but I think it may become my new hangout spot at nap time.


It is the same colour as the boys’ room since I was able to stretch the can, and I love how it turned out!


My mom comes to town tonight and gets to be the first to enjoy it. And the rest of you are welcome any time! Seriously. I like having guests. Come on over!