Victor Starts Solids

You know those babies who gobble up food as soon as it is stuffed into their tiny mouths? Yeah…Victor is not one of those babies.


I do believe we have a gagger on our hands. He couldn’t handle the oatmeal, even watered down enough so it was drippy. And a couple days ago I generously let him suck on my pear, but he gagged and ended up throwing up. This is new for me! Calvin had never gagged on anything. I was able to make him regular oatmeal instead of the powdered stuff. I could feed it to him out of the fridge after it had jellified, and no complaints.

But this time around…


How long does it take for them to get used to this? Hopefully not too long! At least I get rewarded with smiles when I stop moving the spoon toward his face.


Calvin Is 2

Today marks the end of Calvin’s second year! 2nd Year Collage

In the past year he has had so much life happen to him.

He learned to walk.

He gained an uncle and a cousin.

He gained another cousin.

He did lots of road trips.

He moved to a new house.

He grew some hair.

He became a brother.

He learned some words.

He remained a happy, silly dude.

We are looking forward to this next year as his personality develops even more and we get to experience life alongside this wonderful little boy. And I hope it isn’t two-terrible!

See what I did there?

Birthday Boy

The Guest Room

This is my new favourite room in the house. It is tiny and not perfect, but I think it may become my new hangout spot at nap time.


It is the same colour as the boys’ room since I was able to stretch the can, and I love how it turned out!


My mom comes to town tonight and gets to be the first to enjoy it. And the rest of you are welcome any time! Seriously. I like having guests. Come on over!

Throwback Thursday: 1 1/2 Years Ago

One and a half years ago we moved to Edmonton. One and a half years ago, Calvin was the same age Victor is now (yes, I know I will always be able to say that). This seems unreal to me. Calvin was still such a baby when we came here? It seems that he has always been a toddler. I don’t remember him being a baby. When did he grow up? Sheesh. Or maybe Victor is less of a baby than I think he is. Hmmm…

Well, here are a few photos from that time.

Getting packed up for the move.

Getting packed up for the move.

Short pit stop on the way.

Short pit stop on the way.

Learning to crawl at the new place.

Learning to crawl at the new place.

Just comparing the two of them at this age, 5-6 months, they are quite different with what they have accomplished. Calvin could roll and sit (evidenced by the Mt. Robson photo), but Victor is content to just not learn this stuff. They were/are both happy babies who are easy to please and quick to smile. It will be fun to see how they grow up to be individuals.

Here is a photo of Victor, for a visual comparison.

IMG_5650Victor is a bit smaller than Calvin was. Calvin had already grown out of the bucket seat by 5 months, but Victor still has one more strap setting to move up to! Little shorty.

Sharing a Room

Last night was the first night Calvin and Victor shared their room. I had no clue how it would go, but past experience told me Calvin wouldn’t do too poorly. When Victor first came onto the scene and was crying at night, it only woke Calvin up for the first two or three days. For the last four nights, I had been putting Victor down for the night in the guest room. It is between our room and the boys’ room, so I thought it would be a nice little transition for Calvin, with the crying noise a little closer, but not right beside him. It only woke Calvin up on the first night.

Last night, Victor woke up twice between 8:00 and 11:00 (once because he was apparently hungry, and the second time because his tummy was gurgly). Neither time Calvin woke up. Yes!

And then Victor went on to sleep for 5 more hours! Lately he has been doing 3 at the most at a time, so that was wonderful! And Calvin didn’t wake up that time either.

I know it has been only one night, so I can’t really call it a complete success yet, but I am pleased with the results so far. I feel like one reason Victor may have slept longer is that I got a prescription cream for his skin yesterday, so maybe he wasn’t waking up from itchiness? I don’t know if that was the reason he used to wake up, but it’s hard to know. He always went back to sleep really easily.

But anyways, hooray for them sharing so nicely, and hooray for us having a room to ourselves!

Currently the boys are napping peacefully.

photo 2

I love that Calvin still sleeps like this.

I love that Calvin still sleeps like this.


The Boys’ Room

I finally painted a second room in our yellow house! The first was the bathroom. And now I am done the boys’ room! I found a can of grey-blue on Kijiji for $20 (seriously, if you aren’t picky about the specific colour, this is a super great way to go; or also the ReStore), and I love the colour a lot!

The room itself used to be the guest room. It is the larger of the two bedrooms (other than the master), so when it came time for the boys to share, it made sense that they would get the larger room and the smaller room that Calvin used to occupy would be the new guest room.

Here is what it used to look like:



And here it is now:

That's better!

That’s better!

I still have to finish painting the trim. It would have been done, except the white paint that was left behind by the previous owner had gone bad since I painted the bathroom. Maybe I didn’t close it properly. Oh well.

I realize it may look a little girly with all the white furniture, but I’m sure they don’t mind. And look…a dinosaur on the wall!

I love the room, and it has worked out well so far. You can read about how the adjustment has gone for the boys so far here, if you are interested.