Victor: 9 Months

Victor is now three quarters of a year! He is not-so-rapidly growing out of the baby stage. Actually, he is hardly outgrowing out of it at all. I forget how old he is because he still has no teeth, doesn’t eat too many solids, doesn’t roll and doesn’t crawl. Does that sound like a 9-month-old to you?

If I’m honest, I have to say that I am kind of stunting his development on purpose (with crawling, etc. I try to feed him but he mostly just throws it up 10 minutes later). I am not encouraging him to learn to crawl or roll right now because we are a week away from a cruise, and it will just be a lot easier to not have a mobile baby. Yep. I am as selfish as I sound. :)

The last time he was measured he was in the 10th percentile for height and 50th for weight. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but the perfect cuddling proportions! He is the best baby to cuddle and loves doing it. I think he also loves eating my face as much as I like eating his!

Personality wise, Victor is quick to smile, but holds his laughs in reserves for only the rarest of occasions. Usually when he laughs it is because Calvin is laughing at him, or he is being tickled in the rib cage. But those two things don’t always work. He’s a mysterious boy, he is.

He is back to sharing a room with Calvin after a short time apart due to us moving Calvin’s mattress onto the floor but not having another to replace it in the crib. The sharing has gone fairly well so far. We mostly just have to make sure that Calvin doesn’t make too much noise when he goes to bed if Victor is already sleeping. Victor wakes up at least once during the night still and is awake for the day normally between 5:30 and 6:30, but his cries then don’t wake Calvin up thankfully.

And here he is, in a photo I took because his hair was staticky, but was rewarded with this sweet face.


We love you, Victor!

BC Holiday: Day 15

On Saturday morning, the morning following the wedding, Tim’s parents hosted a brunch for all the out of town family. Which was pretty much everybody since the only people who live in Nanaimo are Tim’s parents and also currently his younger sisters. So we had a  morning full of aunts, uncles and cousins. Good times!12 collageOnce everybody had headed off to their respective ferries or other cities to visit, we had a blitz cleanup of the aftermath of a wedding and two major meal gatherings, which left us with a few hours of doing nothing. We blew bubbles in the shade, hit the hot tub, and snuck in some last snuggles.
12 collage 2Then it was off to the ferry for us, saying goodbye to the island. That night we crashed at my parents for about 6 hours before heading back east toward home. 12 (16)Normally I am quite ready to be home again after such a long time away, visiting family. But it was different this time. I was not ready to go back. I wanted to stay longer. But, such is the nature of vacations. They don’t last forever.

But they can happen again!

BC Holiday: Day 14

Friday! Wedding Day!

This morning was actually the most relaxing part of our time in Nanaimo leading up to the wedding. Family arrived from the ferry and we were able to have time for some coffee and visiting. And finger nail polishing.11 collage 1Calvin got a boutonniere, the couple got married, we hung out eating snacks during family photos, then Tim and I got to enjoy the reception sans kids. I didn’t take too many photos. This is what I had. I’ll leave the rest to the professional. But it was a wonderful day
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BC Holiday: Day 13

Dress rehearsal day! Again, the morning was spent with most people doing highly important things. Preparing for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, and having guests camp out in the yard.10 collage 1 Then we were off to the park in the afternoon for some practice in the hot hot heat.10 collage 2And finally, dinner was served.
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BC Holiday: Day 12

Two days before the wedding. Another busy day. The morning was spent decorating cupcakes that had been made a few days before, as well as preparing some food for the rehearsal dinner. We were kept so busy that the only way I know what my boys were up to is by looking at the photos. Calvin was playing the drums with his auntie, and Tim was…hanging out with the animals?9 collage 1 I have no recollection of what went on in the afternoon, but Tim’s siblings had reserved a nearby campsite (Living Forest in Nanaimo, if you are interested…it was a great camp ground) for that evening and night. I went for dinner, came back to the house to put Victor to bed, went back to have s’mores, then returned once again for the night. 9 collage 2 9 collage 3For the next day’s post, click the link below this post.

BC Holiday: Day 11

Once we were in Nanaimo, most of our time was spent doing wedding prep. Not too much downtime. Calvin spent a good chunk of his days outside with the dog, Amber. Tim volunteered to make supper, and we picked some berries in the backyard.8 collageFor the next days’ post, click the link below this post.

BC Holiday: Day 10

This was our Victoria Day! Or rather, the day we spent in Victoria, not to be confused with the holiday in May. We had wanted to spend a little time around town, so first things first, we hit my favourite spot: The Government House. They have beautiful public gardens. If you find yourself in Victoria and like gardens but don’t want to shell out the $$ to go to Butchart Gardens, I highly suggest this place. It is close to downtown, free, and just as beautiful as Butchart. Tim happened to live right next door to it while we were engaged, so it is even a little bit more special!7 collage 1 Next we drove down to Dallas Road and hung out on the beach throwing rocks.7 collage 2 We had just a little bit more time before meeting up with a couple friends, so we did a drive by of downtown, seeing the legislature building and also the house I lived in for 4 years (not pictured).7 (27) We met a couple friends at Beacon Hill Park for a little picnic. By now the sun had come out, and it was pretty warm! Calvin was so zonked by the end of our time there. You can see it on his face in the bottom right photo. So we went back to Michelle’s for nap time.7 collage 3 That evening before we headed up to Nanaimo, there was more plant watering, and lots of Victor snuggles.7 collage 4Around bedtime we packed the boys back into the car and drove the 1.75 hours up island, stopping of course to take in the view along the way.
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