Fresh Snow

I lay awake at 5:15 am composing an angry letter to the weather in my head; something to the effect of:

Fresh snow, you suck. You make the world all glowy, waking up my younger son three times in 5 hours and make it difficult for me to fall back asleep before he wakes up again. You make it necessary for the neighbour to shovel at 5:00am, because that’s when he leaves for work, keeping me awake longer, and waking up my then-sleeping baby for a fourth, no wait, fifth time. 

The fourth time was after Calvin woke up and spent a bit of time in our bed. He was brought back to his room only to decide that it was a great time to turn on his light, hop in the crib and do a puzzle.  

I was not happy last night. I still am not. I was hoping the boys would sleep a little longer this morning since they were awake a chunk of the night, but nope. They are awake in their room. Calvin is in Victor’s crib, bugging him. Needless to say, today might be rough. I normally bring the boys to a friend’s every other Wednesday morning, but she was sick last night so no me-time today.  

I am so done with winter. Yes, I know there are a ton of places that have it worse (sorry, east coast!), but I am here and this is my situation, so I can complain if I want. And yes, I also know that we have been having a good chunk of “warm” days, but it’s hard to get out to enjoy them when walking is dangerous (warm days = all the snow banks melt into the sidewalk and freeze over night) and playing in the snow isn’t even fun because it’s more just layers of crust and ice than fluffy snow. 

But there is only 1 or 2 months left of this.  In that time a few exciting things are happening: I have my ultrasound, I have my birthday and we get new windows! Now if you all on the west coast can block me on the photo posts of your daffodils, cherry blossoms and green grass, that would be awesome. 

A Far Too Late Christmas Post

Remember Christmas? Yeah, I hardly do either. But I remember enough to know that I have not yet done any sort of post about it. So here I am. We were back in BC for almost 3 weeks, split between my family and Tim’s family. I didn’t take all that many photos, but here is a little sample of what I did take.  Christmas 1Christmas 2

Not a super interesting post, but this is mainly to help me not forget that Christmas 2014 actually did happen.

A Third Baby!

Yep, we are expecting another baby! I know a lot of people knew this was bound to happen soon and were just waiting for an announcement. No surprise there! The due date is the first week of August.

So come the middle of summer, the adults in the family will officially be outnumbered. I am used to being outnumbered when I am by myself during the week of course. But three will feel quite different probably. I think the only thing I am nervous about with having three is just getting them into the vehicle when I am on my own. But Calvin will be a little older (3 1/4) by then. So we will see how it works out.

A third child means we get to go minivan shopping! I am actually quite excited about this. How amazing will it be to have room to spare when we do our trips back to BC?! It also means we can buy things like furniture without having to wonder how we will get it home. Minivans are so useful!


To answer all your questions:
– I have been feeling great! Pregnancies treat me well, and I do not take that for granted. The most uncomfortable thing was the first trimester bloating that made me go out and buy some maternity pants while we were in BC. But I could also blame that on Christmas cookies.
– No, Calvin doesn’t really get it yet. He has a bunch of months to get there though.
– Yes, we are going to find out the gender. If it’s another boy, I will need those months to get my mind around that. It’s no secret I really want a girl. Boys are cool and all, but I want a little variety, you know? I need some floral onesies and jammies in my life! Plus, if it’s a girl, she will be like me, the first girl after two boys, and that’s pretty neat.

10931472_10155076609315315_9132244791924218802_nThat 12 week belly is one part leftovers from other babies, one part Christmas cookies, and one part third-pregnancy-showing-early syndrome.

Not A Nice Welcome Home

We have been home from our BC Christmas (will post photos another time) for a week now. It has not been a great week. I picked up some sort of cold back there. It manifested itself in me on New Year’s Day, and has not yet left. The boys started showing symptoms 5 days later, on Tuesday, when we were back home. On Wednesday evening, Tim started to feel off and missed work on Thursday and Friday. I thought I was getting better yesterday. My sore throat was gone, my voice was mostly back. I just had that annoying persistent tickley cough that keeps you up at night. And then this morning I felt worse. Calvin was complaining of his ear hurting last night. I took him to the clinic today but the wait was about two hours. Yeah. Didn’t want to stick around for that with two sick boys and not feeling well myself. So I took them home.

All this to say, I think I have learned a lesson. I always prided myself in my immune system and that of my family’s. We had never all been sick at once, and the boy have hardly had more than a simple cold before. So now I am humbled. I am naturally low on empathy so, in all honestly, I have very little patience for sick people. I think this may help my attitude a bit. I hope it does.

So now we are all low on energy and Bubble-Guppied-out. I hope we will turn a corner soon.




Calvin Sleeping

Everybody knows sleeping babies are one of the most precious things ever.IMG_8674But sometimes it is mostly just silly.17 (3)

He went through a stage where he would cry himself to sleep in front of his door. Made it difficult to open the door to get him back into his bed.

He went through a stage where he would cry himself to sleep in front of his door. Made it difficult to open the door to get him back into his bed.


This is one of the times he feel asleep waiting for me while I locked myself in my room to nurse Victor before nap time.

This is one of the times he feel asleep waiting for me while I locked myself in my room to nurse Victor before nap time.

And these days it is falling asleep while reading books to himself.

And these days it is falling asleep while reading books to himself.


This particular time, I heard him "aaaa-ooooooo"ing to himself before falling into silence.

This particular time, I heard him “aaaa-ooooooo”ing to himself before falling into silence.

IMG_8836 10857822_10152913613003970_3550383655741861940_n

A Sinterklaasy Weekend

Ever since we’ve been together, Tim and I have never celebrated Christmas with just our little family. Since Christmas 2010, the year we started dating and were engaged, we have always traveled to spend the holidays with our families. This year, we decided that since Calvin is old enough to actually enjoy and somewhat understand, we would make a little celebration for ourselves, before we leave for the coast next week.

Since Tim has a Dutch heritage, he automatically thought that Sinterklaas would be the perfect time for us to do something. On the Friday, Tim took the day off and we had a yummy crepe breakfast, followed by a little gift opening. We are totally not money spenders on our children. I made Calvin some sock puppets with $5 worth of socks and yarn and buttons I had on hand. Victor we splurged on and got a box set of little books from Costco. They are loved gifts, and it was fun to watch them open their presents. Tim’s parents even sent out a few special treats!

We watched some Christmas videos on Netflix, Victor had a morning snooze, and we did some other stuff that I don’t remember. It was a perfect, lazy day. Oh! We decorated a gingerbread house. Guys, get the one from Costco that comes with the house already put together. The worst part taken care of!Sinterklaas 1

The next day, we planned a turkey dinner that Jordan and Amy joined us for. After we ate, we all went to the zoo to see their Christmas lights and stuff. Calvin of course loved being able to run wherever he wanted and Victor probably liked seeing the bright lights.Sinterklaas 2

Our Christmasy weekend was capped off nicely by the Sunday School Christmas performance during the services. Only Calvin decided he would rather just wander around than stand up and perform. Sorry, Auntie Catherine; looks like he’s not following in your footsteps!

Calvin jumping off the stage before the signing even started.

Calvin jumping off the stage before the singing even started.

Throwback: Early Fall Trips

I guess September was long enough gone that I can consider this post a throwback post.

On Saturday September 20, we set out for a day in Lloydminster to celebrate Jordan’s birthday a couple days late. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a wonderful time having a picnic and going for a walk at a beautiful local park, and going to a neat petting zoo on the Saskatchewan side of town.lloydminster The following weekend, I packed up the boys for an 8 hour road trip to Regina to visit our friends Anna and Karl. Always a good time with them! regina